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When looking into the field of IT and the host of certifications that are available and the learning methods that students have to choose from, it is no wonder that students, career changers, and IT professionals often ask "Where do I begin?" When you start to research all the various vendors, the certifications they offer, etc., it gets to be mind-boggling. Some will just throw up their hands and head back to the university setting. I don't think that is the best course for everyone. If you really want to establish yourself in IT, certification is the way to go.

There are those who have been in IT for many years who say certification is a crutch. In many ways they are right. It is a crutch that most HR people are using to weed out who they will consider and who they will interview. Anyone can say I have worked with computers for X years, but have nothing to prove it. Certification is a way to prove your knowledge and skill sets.


  • IT Certification brings with it industry recognition, improved job opportunities, and improved pay.
  • Folks who want to self-study for a certification can do so. They don't have to go to universities to get trained. Training that leads to IT certification is cheaper and of a shorter duration than comparable degree programs.
  • IT certifications allow an individual to focus on a topic of interest without HAVING to take non-essential courses. People who have experience in the field and love to teach generally teach instructor-led classes. Most IT instructors are not folks who made a living dealing with the abstract. They are people who have done the job out in the field, and want to share with others how to do the same job.
  • The IT certification process is job- and skills-oriented. You learn how to do a task, how to troubleshoot a problem, and how to reason through a design. It is real-world oriented. It is not an ivory tower exercise in killing time.
  • The IT training and certification industry is open to people of all ages and backgrounds. Anyone who wants to change careers, wants to learn new skills, and is willing to learn and work hard can be successful in IT. If you are 10 years old or 80 years old, you can have a good career in IT through the certification options available.
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