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List of SOA Updated Exams:

SOA Exams Exam
B90.04 - Fundamental Big Data Analysis & Science B90.04
B90.05 - Advanced Big Data Analysis & Science B90.05
B90.06 - Big Data Analysis & Science Lab B90.06
B90.07 - Fundamental Big Data Engineering B90.07
B90.08 - Advanced Big Data Engineering B90.08
B90.09 - Big Data Engineering Lab B90.09
B90.10 - Fundamental Big Data Architecture B90.10
B90.11 - Advanced Big Data Architecture B90.11
B90.12 - Big Data Architecture Lab B90.12
B90-01A - Fundamental Big Data B90-01A
B90-02A - Big Data Analysis & Technology Concepts B90-02A
B90-03A - Big Data Analysis & Technology Lab B90-03A
C90.02 - Cloud Technology Concepts (C90-02A) C90.02
C90.16 - Fundamental Cloud Virtualization C90.16
C90.17 - Advanced Cloud Virtualization C90.17
C90.18 - Cloud Virtualization Lab C90.18
C90-01A - Fundamental Cloud Computing(C90.01) C90-01A
C90-02A - Cloud Technology Concepts C90-02A
C90-03A - Cloud Technology Lab C90-03A
C90-04A - Certified Cloud Architect C90-04A
C90-05A - Advanced Cloud Architecture C90-05A
C90-06A - Cloud Architecture Lab C90-06A
C90-07A - Fundamental Cloud Security C90-07A
C90-08A - Advanced Cloud Security C90-08A
C90-09A - Cloud Security Lab C90-09A
C90-13A - Fundamental Cloud Storage C90-13A
C90-14A - Advanced Cloud Storage C90-14A
C90-15A - Cloud Storage Lab C90-15A
S90.01 - Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing (S90-01A) S90.01
S90.01B - Fundamental SOA, Services & Microservices S90.01B
S90.02 - SOA Technology Concepts (S90-02A) S90.02
S90.03 - SOA Design & Architecture (S90-03A) S90.03
S90.03B - Design & Architecture with SOA, Services & Microservices S90.03B
S90.07B - Advanced SOA Design & Architecture with Services & Microservices S90.07B
S90.08 - Advanced SOA Design & Architecture (S90-08A) S90.08
S90.08B - SOA Design & Architecture Lab with Services & Microservices S90.08B
S90.09 - SOA Design & Architecture Lab (S90-09A) S90.09
S90.09B - Fundamental Microservice Architecture & Containerization S90.09B
S90.10B - Advanced Microservice Architecture & Containerization S90.10B
S90.11B - Microservice Architecture & Containerization Lab S90.11B
S90.21B - Fundamental Service API Design & Management S90.21B
S90.22B - Advanced Quality Assurance for Services, Microservices & SOA S90.22B
S90.23B - Quality Assurance Lab for Services, Microservices & SOA S90.23B
S90-01A - Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing S90-01A
S90-02A - SOA Technology Concepts S90-02A
S90-03A - SOA Design & Architecture S90-03A
S90-04A - SOA Project Delivery & Methodology S90-04A
S90-05A - SOA Technology Lab S90-05A
S90-06A - Advanced SOA Analysis & Modeling S90-06A
S90-07A - SOA Analysis & Modeling Lab S90-07A
S90-08A - Advanced SOA Design & Architecture S90-08A
S90-09A - SOA Design & Architecture Lab S90-09A
S90-10A - Advanced Web-Based Service Technology S90-10A
S90-11A - Service Development with Java S90-11A
S90-12A - Service Development Lab with Java S90-12A
S90-13A - Service Development with .NET & Windows Azure S90-13A
S90-15A - Fundamental SOA Governance S90-15A
S90-16A - Advanced SOA Governance S90-16A
S90-17A - SOA Governance Lab S90-17A
S90-18A - Fundamental SOA Security S90-18A
S90-19A - Advanced SOA Security S90-19A
S90-20A - SOA Security Lab S90-20A
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