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Exam Exam Name
1Z0-349 1Z0-349 - Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials
1Z0-404 1Z0-404 - Oracle Communications Session Border Controller 7 Basic Implementation Essentials
1Z0-414 1Z0-414 - Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Implementation Essentials
1Z0-416 1Z0-416 - PeopleSoft 9.2 Human Resources Essentials
1Z0-417 1Z0-417 - Oracle Database Performance and Tuning Essentials 2015
1Z0-419 1Z0-419 - Oracle Application Development Framework 12c Essentials
1Z0-426 1Z0-426 - Oracle Social Relationship Management Cloud Service 2014 Essentials
1Z0-428 1Z0-428 - Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.1 Essentials
1Z0-430 1Z0-430 - Oracle WebCenter Portal Essentials
1Z0-432 1Z0-432 - Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c Essentials
1Z0-433 1Z0-433 - Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager 6.0 Implementation Essentials
1Z0-434 1Z0-434 - Oracle SOA Suite 12c Essentials
1Z0-435 1Z0-435 - Oracle Business Process Management Suite 12c Essentials
1Z0-437 1Z0-437 - Oracle Commerce 11 Platform Development Implementation Essentials
1Z0-439 1Z0-439 - Primavera Unifier 10 Essentials
1Z0-441 1Z0-441 - Oracle Mobile Development 2015 Essentials
1Z0-443 1Z0-443 - Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials
1Z0-445 1Z0-445 - Oracle Communications Session Border Controller 7 Advanced Implementation Essentials
1Z0-446 1Z0-446 - Oracle Commerce 11 Guided Search Implementation Essentials
1Z0-447 1Z0-447 - Oracle GoldenGate 12c Implementation Essentials
1Z0-449 1Z0-449 - Oracle Big Data 2017 Implementation Essentials
1Z0-458 1Z0-458 - Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management 2 Implementation Essentials
1Z0-462 1Z0-462 - Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g Essentials
1Z0-466 1Z0-466 - Project Lifecycle Management Essentials
1Z0-468 1Z0-468 - Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Essentials
1Z0-475 1Z0-475 - Oracle IT Architecture SOA 2013 Essentials
1Z0-476 1Z0-476 - Oracle IT Architecture BPM 2013 Essentials
1Z0-477 1Z0-477 - Oracle Responsys Marketing Platform Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials
1Z0-481 1Z0-481 - Oracle GoldenGate 11g Certified Implementation Exam Essentials
1Z0-484 1Z0-484 - Exalytics In-Memory Machine X3-4 Implementation Essentials
1Z0-485 1Z0-485 - Oracle Exadata Database Machine 2014 Implementation Essentials
1Z0-488 1Z0-488 - Fujitsu M10 Servers Installation Essentials
1Z0-489 1Z0-489 - SPARC M6-32 and SPARC M5-32 Servers Installation Essentials
1Z0-491 1Z0-491 - Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2014 Implementation Essentials.
1Z0-492 1Z0-492 - Oracle Utilities Smart Grid Gateway 2 for Advanced Metering Infrastructure Implementation Essentials
1Z0-493 1Z0-493 - Oracle Communications Order and Service Management Server 7 Implementation Essentials
1Z0-494 1Z0-494 - PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9 Student Enrollment Implementation Essentials
1Z0-497 1Z0-497 - Oracle Database 12c Essentials
1Z0-500 1Z0-500 - Oracle Management Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials
1Z0-509 1Z0-509 - Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management 7 Advanced Implementation Essentials
1Z0-511 1Z0-511 - Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) R12 Project Essentials
1Z0-516 1Z0-516 - Oracle E-Business Suite 12: Oracle General Ledger Essentials
1Z0-517 1Z0-517 - Oracle E-Business Suite 12: Oracle Payables Essentials
1Z0-518 1Z0-518 - Oracle E-Business Suite 12: Oracle Receivables Essentials
1Z0-519 1Z0-519 - Oracle E-Business Suite 12: Oracle Inventory Essentials
1Z0-520 1Z0-520 - Oracle E-Business Suite 12: Oracle Purchasing Essentials
1Z0-521 1Z0-521 - Oracle E-Business Suite 12: Oracle Order Management Essentials
1Z0-523 1Z0-523 - Oracle Application Grid Essentials
1Z0-527 1Z0-527 - Oracle CRM On Demand Essentials
1Z0-530 1Z0-530 - Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Essentials

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