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List of HP Updated Exams - Page 2

Exam Exam Name
HP0-A106 HP0-A106 - HP Structured Data Manager 7.x Essentials
HP0-A107 HP0-A107 - Using HP Records Manager 8.x
HP0-M72 HP0-M72 - HP Software Testing Foundation 11.5
HP0-M73 HP0-M73 - HP Operations Orchestration 10.x Software
HP0-Y32 HP0-Y32 - Designing and Troubleshooting Open Standard Networks
HP2-B127 HP2-B127 - Selling HP Document Solutions (LAR)
HP2-B128 HP2-B128 - Selling HP Document Solutions (WW)
HP2-B129 HP2-B129 - HP Document Solutions Technical Fundamentals (LAR)
HP2-B138 HP2-B138 - Selling HP Printing Services
HP2-B140 HP2-B140 - Selling HP DesignJet Technical Production Printing
HP2-B141 HP2-B141 - Selling HP DesignJet Graphics Production Printing
HP2-B142 HP2-B142 - HP Indigo 7900 Level 2 Operator Certification
HP2-B143 HP2-B143 - Selling HP Device as a Service
HP2-B144 HP2-B144 - HP Managed Print Specialist Select
HP2-B145 HP2-B145 - HP Managed Print Specialist Premier
HP2-B147 HP2-B147 - Selling HP Mobility Solutions 2017
HP2-B148 HP2-B148 - Selling HP Business Personal Systems Hardware 2017
HP2-B149 HP2-B149 - Selling HP Printing Hardware 2017
HP2-B150 HP2-B150 - Selling HP Supplies 2017
HP2-H41 HP2-H41 - Selling Imaging and Printing Fundamentals
HP2-H42 HP2-H42 - HP Document Solutions Technical Fundamentals (WW)
HP2-H49 HP2-H49 - Selling HP Education Solutions 2017
HP2-H50 HP2-H50 - Selling HP Retail Point of Sales Solutions 2017
HP2-H51 HP2-H51 - Selling HP 3D Print Solutions 2017
HP2-H53 HP2-H53 - Selling HP Thin Clients 2017
HP2-H55 HP2-H55 - Implementing HP Thin Client Solutions 2017
HP2-H57 HP2-H57 - Selling HP Latex Entry Solutions 2017
HP2-H58 HP2-H58 - Selling HP Latex Value Solutions 2017
HP2-H59 HP2-H59 - Selling HP Latex Mid-Volume and Flatbed Solutions 2017
HP2-H60 HP2-H60 - Selling HP End Point Security Solutions 2018
HP2-H61 HP2-H61 - Selling HP DesignJet T-Series and Z-Series 2018
HP2-H62 HP2-H62 - Selling HP Business Personal Systems Hardware 2018
HP2-H63 HP2-H63 - HP Endpoint Security for Personal Systems TCs 2018
HP2-H64 HP2-H64 - HP Endpoint Security for Print TCs 2018
HP2-H65 HP2-H65 - Selling HP Personal Systems Services 2018
HP2-H66 HP2-H66 - Selling HP Education Solutions 2018 Reinforcement
HP2-H67 HP2-H67 - Selling HP Workstations 2018
HP2-H69 HP2-H69 - Selling HP Device as a Service 2018
HP2-H70 HP2-H70 - Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2018 (WW)
HP2-H72 HP2-H72 - Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2018 (Belgium)
HP2-H75 HP2-H75 - Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2018 (UK)
HP2-H76 HP2-H76 - Selling HP Healthcare Solutions 2018 (AU and NZ)
HP2-H78 HP2-H78 - Implementing HP Access Control 2019
HP2-H80 HP2-H80 - Implementing HP Security Manager 2019
HP2-H84 HP2-H84 - Implementing HP JetAdvantage Secure Print and Insights 2019
HP2-N36 HP2-N36 - HP Vertica Solutions [2012]
HP2-Z12 HP2-Z12 - Servicing HP Networking Products
HP3-022 HP3-022 - HP 9250c Digital Sender
HP3-044 HP3-044 - HP CM8060-50 MFP
HP3-C11 HP3-C11 - HP Scanjet N9120

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